In the Ruhrpott, the couple AVA and SASCHA run the FLINT* pub STÖRENFRIEDA. A project of their hearts that serves as a safer space for the community but also as a home for the couple. This closed world enters Ava’s father GUNTER, a former miner who needs a place to stay for a couple of weeks. Based on this loaded constellation, the film depicts the inclusivity and exclusivity of safer spaces and critically examines supposedly feminine and masculine spaces.

//shortfilm 26 minutes #drama

//Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH in coproduction with ARTE/SWR

//World premiere at 43. Filmfestival Max Ophüls Competition


AVA // Katharina Abel
SASCHA // Massiamy Diaby
GUNTER // Thomas Krutmann
Fine // Solveig Eger
Zwoisy // Han Nguyen
JJ // Luisa Krause
Elena // Elena Bastert
Djanes // Anaïs Durand-Mauptit & Luzie Dordoigne
Boxer // Carlo Caliendo
Musician // Josephine Tancke


//idea&concept : Alina Yklymova, Nele Seifert, Lisa Brunke
//script : Lisa Brunke
//director : Alina Yklymova
//producer : Jana Klingseisen & Paul Hartmann
//dop : Christian Neuberger
//setdesign : Nele Seifert
//costumedesign : Janina Kassan & Felix Ekholm
//stunt coordination : Katrin Gärtner
//sfx : Klaus Ullrich
//editing : Lukas Wengorz
//titeldesign : Samuel Lewek
//music : Max Schieder  |  Deutsche Laichen  |  Faulenza
//soundsupervision : Henrike Sommer