The superficial yet successful press agent PAULA lives an exciting life where her job is number one. Her daily life – consisting of phone conferences, film premieres and assistance for famous actors – falls apart when she gets diagnosed with breast cancer. She will actually die. In the six final life stages Paula finds real love for the time. She falls in love with the indian deputy Dr. SATYAJIT KUMAR. Eventually she finds herself caught in between life and death when she gets pregnant. What can she do to leave a good mark behind and to change the destiny of Satyajit, her family and friends in a positive way?

Julia Hartmann
Rahul Chakraborty
Ruben Dietze
Mira Huber
Louise Peter
Ulrike Prager
Heike Trinker
Reiner Wagner
David Wehle


Script: Ann-Katrin Boberg, Etienne Heimann
Director: Alina Yklymova
Cinematography: Leonard Frederic Caspari
Film Music: Patrick Kuhn Botelho, Lucijan Prelog, Jess Smith, Meike Katrin Stein, Pika Golob, Rufus Coates, Antonia Emde
Sound: Marc Hönninger, Felix Marks
Editing: Ann-Kathrin Matthes
Motion Design: Ann-Kathrin Matthes
Production Design: Sophie Binkenborn, Katharina Kern, Leandra Scheible, Christian Siée
Executive Producer: Ann-Katrin Boberg, Etienne Heimann
Assistant Director: Norika Sonder, Jonas Thielcke
Assistant Cinematographer: Tobias Bosseck, Sophia Gamboa Huamán, Tim Westkamp
Location Management: Maurice Egen
Costume Design: Caroline Sasse
Make-Up: Ronja Buch Gaffer: Simon Wilbert Kramer
Sound‐Mix: Thomas Rother
Musician Score: Rufus Coates & Jess Smith, it’s everyone else Garderobe: Hanna Hülsmann
Assistenz der 1. Aufnahmeleitung: Daniel Popat
Unterwasser DoP: David Iskender Dinçer
Musikaufnahme: Volker Armbruster
Script Continuity: Linus Krömer
Kamerabühne: Linus Scherer

Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH